The paleomagnetism lab at Peking University is a shared facility between Prof. Baochun Huang group and Dr. L. Chang group and is equipped with the following instruments:

  • A large size ‘magnetic clean’ room with permalloy magnetic shielding
  • 2G superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) cryogenic magnetometer
  • AGICO JR-6 dual speed spinner magnetometer
  • ASC thermal demagnetiser with field coils
  • ASC thermal demagnetiser
  • ASC alternating field (AF) demagnetiser with ARM coils
  • Kappabridge for measuring magnetic susceptibility MFM-FA
  • Pulse magnetiser
  • Two sets of 2-axes Helmholtz coils to apply fields up to 100 mT

Fieldwork equipments include:

  • Loads of 1-inch paleomagnetic coring drills
  • Pomeroy orienters
  • Three 15000 cm³ permalloy magnetic shielding boxes



Kappabridge magnetic susceptibility magnetometer, with a high-temperature attachment, multiple frequencies, and varying magnetic fields.

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