Micromagnetic modelling

We use a full finite-element micromagnetic model (MERRILL) to simulate the magnetic properties of complex magnetic mineral ensembles, such as biogenic magnetite/magnetotactic bacteria and magnetic mineral inclusions in silicates, that are widely present in many natural environments. We seek to link the simulation with experimental data to detect subtle changes reflected in magnetic proxies throughout sedimentary records.

Simulated switching mode of a magnetosome.

Our micromagnetic simulations allow to understand how complex geometries like magnetosomes switch their magnetic moment in the present of an applied field. This allows to predict a wide range of rock magnetic properties such as hysteresis parameters, FORC diagrams, etc. and to analyse how these parameters depend on the underlying physical geometry like grain size, magnetosome length, etc. Our aim is to use this to gain a deeper understanding which factors the observed variation of these magnetic parameters in sediments depend on. Ultimately, this will allow to better correlate magnetic signals in sediment to the environmental factors causing them.



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