Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimate reconstructions

Magnetic proxies are widely used in paleoenvironmental reconstructions. However, traditional environmental magnetic approaches rely heavily on simple magnetic parameters and their ratios. We take a different approach: we determine magnetic property variations from direct observation of magnetic minerals, and combine these with advanced rock magnetism, mathematical unmixing, and magnetic modelling. This helps to get more robust magnetic proxies for tracing environmental processes.

We apply a magnetic proxies toolbox for analyzing a wide range of marine sedimentary records of abrupt climate events during the Cenozoic. We are mostly interested in Eocene hyperthermal events (initiations, processes, and environmental impacts). We sail on ocean scientific cruises, including the International Ocean Discovery Programs (IODP), to collect samples from the bottom of the oceans. We also study materials collected from past ODP/IODP expeditions and continental outcrops of marine sediment sequences.

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